Brad Tumy is a Senior Identity and Access Management Architect & Engineer, with nearly two decadesFR-OpenAM-Badge-Final (3) of hands-on IT experience.  Brad Tumy has significant experience with ForgeRock’s Open Source Identity and Access suite and is one of the first independent consultants to achieve accreditation as a ForgeRock OpenAM Specialist.

Brad Tumy has worked with a number of Federal agencies and commercial organizations architecting and deploying identity and access management systems.  Brad Tumy has years of experience with FICAM and is often sought out to lead FICAM deployments.

Enterprise Identity Management Consulting Services:

  • ForgeRock Open Identity Suite (OIS) Consulting
    • OpenAM (SSO, Authentication, Entitlements, Federation)
    • OpenIDM (Identity Provisioning Workflows)
    • OpenDJ (LDAPv3)
  • Workflow based, Full-Lifecycle User Management (Provisioning)
  • Web-based/Client Based Access Management
  • Strong Authentication (Multi-factor, bio-metric)
  • Identity Federation
  • Single-Sign On
  • Enterprise Directory (LDAP) & Virtual Directory Solutions
  • Role/Attribute Based Solutions (Role Management, RBAC, ABAC)
  • Back-up and Recovery Configuration

Identity Auditing Services:

  • Identity and Access Audit Lifecycle
    • Determine Policies
    • Implement Controls
    • Test & Confirm Controls (Identity Audit)

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