Month: July 2010

Oracle EUS configuration; OID Anonymous Access Disabled by default bugs out DBCA #oracle #idm #11g


When using netca to configure the ldap.ora file, for the first time (DB and OID are 11g), Netca shows an error, “The directory has not been configured for this usage. It does not contain the required Oracle Schema.”


OID 11g is configured with Anonymous Access disabled by Default. Netca requires that anonymous access be enabled for this configuration to work.

DN: cn=oid1,cn=osdldap, cn=subconfigsubentry

change to:



oidpasswd connect=orcl unlock_su_acct=true

Missing tnsnames.ora
When trying to unlock the orcladmin account, in a Windows environment, we found that the tnsnames.ora file was not on the system (the database is on a separate machine). Because the tnsnames.ora file is not present then the unlock command will fail with a tns error. To work-around this you can create the tnsnames.ora file and then create an environment called TNS_ADMIN and point it to the directory where sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora reside. This will allow the unlock process to work.